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All On 4 Clinic. All-on-4 is a proven, non-removable dental implant-based alternative to

dentures and deteriorated teeth.

Our All On 4 Plus® treatment provides immediate, fixed and cosmetic replacement teeth on dental implants that look and function like natural teeth, supported by four or more dental implants, in just 2-4 days.*

All On 4 Plus® is a more developed concept of the all-on-4 implants treatment, achieving a functional, cosmetic, hygienic and immediate smile in a greater range of situations. Choose All On 4 Plus® implants for teeth which are:

Why Us?

  • One Perth Location, One Friendly Perth Team
  • Skills and Expertise with Advanced Implantology & All-on-4
  • Experience, understanding and gentle approach
  • Teeth in 1, 2, 3 or 4 Days*
  • Solutions for Complex or Difficult Cases
  • Alternative Solutions Available
  • Just one surgery in the Deep Comfort of IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry) In-House
  • Pricing Options and Finance
  • Stronger, easier to clean and more aesthetic than traditional methods of immediate implant teeth
  • An immediate implant bridge solution in 2-4 days (compared to 4-12 weeks or more with other methods) meaning you can enjoy your new smile faster and with less inconvenience*
  • Aesthetic gum replacement incorporated into the implant bridge
  • An immediate implant solution which is built to be longer lasting than conventional immediate all-on-four implants solutions, and in effect strong enough to act as a permanent solution for many patients.

The treatment technique can provide a relatively cost-effective solution to achieve natural looking, non-removable replacement teeth in as little as three days, and in most cases, without multiple surgeries or bone grafts.

Our clinic also provides services covering all aspects of advanced oral rehabilitation.

Reasons to Consider All-on-4 Implants instead of Dentures

Dental implants are now considered the best alternative to natural teeth for most patients who have lost, or are about to lose their teeth. The modern all-on-4 implants technique has a 98 per cent success rate, higher than traditional full mouth implant reconstruction techniques, and creates aesthetically pleasing teeth that feel and work like your natural dentition.

For suitable candidates, this is one of the most effective treatments to restore function and the ability to eat all your favourite foods. Research shows all-on-4 implant prostheses (incorrectly referred to by some as all-on-4 dentures) can restore up to 80 per cent of full functionality, compared to 10 percent for conventional dentures with adhesive. This is because they are not dentures at all. They are a strong and cosmetic set of fixed teeth attached permanently to dental implants.

With all-on-4 implants you can throw away your dentures, forget about discomfort when you bite or eat and no longer have to worry about slipping dentures, gagging or adhesives. Treatment can also provide an immediate solution for patients with severely advanced gum (periodontal) disease or heavily diseased or broken down teeth, without ever having to go through a denture stage.

Proven Solution

Our technique is a successful and proven solution for those who have lost all their teeth in either their upper or lower jaw (or both) or whose remaining teeth are failing, loose and/or painful.

All-on-four implants and dentures may be the ideal solution for you if:

  • You have severely decayed or broken teeth
  • You have loose teeth or have lost most/all of your teeth
  • You have diseased gums or jawbone
  • You have loose, ill-fitting dentures
  • You want to get rid of dentures for good

Even if you have previously been told that you are not a suitable candidate for traditional implant techniques, or told you don't have enough bone for implants, our approach with All On 4 Plus® and Zygoma Plus® may provide an efficient, reliable and effective implant solution (as an alternative to dentures).

Treatment plans are based on individual circumstances and our team can provide a qualified assessment of the best options for you. In general, our experienced team and advanced techniques mean a simplified, comfortable process with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life.

* As with any medical/dental procedure, some cases require alternate approaches and timelines of treatment to achieve the required outcome.

Modern Technique

In the past, oral rehabilitation may have involved one or more bone graft procedures, six or more implants and up to 18 months of treatment.

All On 4 Implants

The modern all-on-4 implants technique, usually only requires four implants on either an upper or lower jaw and can be used on patients with very little bone without the need for bone grafting, in most cases. Where bone quality is poor, extra implants may be required.

Minimally invasive, the technique stabilises bone levels and keeps jaws healthy. Since generally fewer implants are used, in comparison to other techniques, it is a cost effective solution while delivering optimal results.

Basic Steps

Your specific treatment plan will be detailed during your consultation, however basic treatment steps are:

  • Before Procedure: Impressions, photos and three dimensional imaging of your teeth and jaw are carried out to diagnose your condition and plan the desired cosmetic and surgical outcome.
  • Day 1: Diseased teeth are removed, jaw bone and gums are cleaned and prepared, implants and attachments are placed and impressions are taken. IV sedation is used to make sure you are completely comfortable and snoozing through the procedure.
  • Day 2: Wax-style teeth are tried in and adjustments for position and colour can be made. You continue to have an input in achieving the right look and feel for you.
  • Day 3-4: Your replacement teeth (using permanent material methods unique to our All On 4 Clinic) are inserted and permanently fixed. Enjoy your new fixed set of replacement teeth and beautiful new smile.

Treatment flexibility means that future shape, colour or material changes to all-on-4 dentures can be easily made. Similarly, should they be damaged they can be easily removed and repaired or replaced without the need for surgery.

Zygomatic Implants and Zygoma Plus®

The All On 4 Plus methodology is suitable for many patients who have otherwise been told they do not have sufficient bone for dental implants. However in some cases in the upper jaw (often due to decades of denture wear), the jaw bone may have developed such severe atrophy that no viable bone remains.

The Zygoma Plus® method can provide a fast and effective solution for most of these patients, and avoids conventional methods of extensive bone grafting (which often required removing bone from the hip).

Zygomatic implants are extra long dental implants anchored into the underside of the cheek bone and may be offered as an alternative to sinus/bone grafting in cases where there is insufficient jaw bone for the standard all-on-4 approach

These are placed while under IV sedation or general anaesthetic. As with all-on-4 implants, your new teeth can be connected within three to four days of the surgery.

Perth All On 4 Clinic

Benefits include long term tooth support and faster healing than bone grafting procedures, which would otherwise be needed in such cases. Learn more about Zygoma Plus®.

Please note that any surgical procedures carry risk and before proceeding you should carefully consider all your treatment options.

Feature Case 1: All On 4 for Decayed/ Infected Teeth

"Before" (Day 1) OPG X-ray of an upper jaw (maxilla) "After" (Day 3) OPG X-ray of an upper jaw (maxilla)
"Before" and "After" (Day 1) Photo of an upper jaw (maxilla)

Feature Case: "Before" (Day 1) and "After" (Day 3) Photo and OPG X-ray of an upper jaw (maxilla) All-on-4 implant reconstruction by Dr Misagh Habibi. The X-rays show the reshaping of the upper jaw bone, the angled implant placements below the sinuses, and the immediate prosthesis attachment, all stages of our All On 4 Clinic protocol. The photos show broken down, decayed teeth and a prominent gum display reconstructed with a beautiful smile. This young man was very pleased with the result, confident to smile, eat and socialise with more confidence. The figure below shows the All-on-4 immediate implant teeth fabricated for this patient, just before they were attached to his dental implants.All-on-4 immediate implant teeth

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