Infected teeth and gums

Infection and inflammation of teeth and gums.
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Infected teeth: the problem

Infected teeth can cause pain and discomfort. They can disrupt your everyday life and function, and are an indicator of an advanced oral health problems.

At All On 4 Clinic Perth we will always provide a clear diagnosis, based on a full clinical assessment, as to the cause and best treatment for dental infections.

If your infected teeth can be saved, we will treat the inflammation or infection conservatively and propose a solution to restore your dental health.

If your infected teeth are diagnosed as terminal teeth, we may propose an option for teeth replacement and potential dental implant solutions.

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Infected teeth

Infected gums

Infected gums, just like infected teeth, require attention at an early stage, to avoid a further decline of your oral health. Infected gums, or gums affected by gum disease (gingivitis / periodontitis) can show symptoms such as swelling and redness, or they can be bleeding after you brush your teeth. Infected gums, if left untreated, can lead to severe gum disease, and this may lead to loss of important jaw bone and gum structure, leading to mobility and loss of teeth. There are also links to various medical conditions. So successfully treating and ridding of infected gums (be it tooth abscesses, root canal infections or gum disease) is important.

What if I have a lot of infected teeth?

If you have a set of infected teeth, we can often help you with a full teeth replacement, using the All On 4 and All On 4 Plus® technique. All On 4, as the name suggests, creates a new set of “all teeth” supported by only “four dental implants” - so it can still apply for many cases where there is minimal healthy jaw bone left. The titanium implants and your new teeth can give you a stable, fully functional bite, and an attractive, optimised smile. Going from a situation of self consciousness about infected teeth or tooth decay, to a complete smile makeover, is often a very intense and personal journey for our patients.

About All On 4 Clinic Perth

Dr Misagh Habibi practices exclusively dental implantology, and his team at All On 4 Clinic Perth use the renowned All On 4, All On 4 Plus and his refined All On 4 Plus Ti techniques on a regular basis. This is one service amongst a diverse range of solutions we can offer in modern dental implant solutions. We usually use IV Sedation Dentistry so you can snooze through your treatment, without no or very little memory of the procedure. Contact the clinic today and enquire about your treatment or replacement of infected teeth.

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Terminal Teeth

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