Sinus Lift/Bone Grafting

A reason to smile. No bone grafting to restore teeth

Breathe a sigh of relief because you no longer need to fear the idea of a sinus lift/bone graft to restore your teeth. All-on-4 denture implants are an alternative to replace loose or missing teeth and offer immediate results. Treatments are completed in three to four days and the teeth, which are supported by four or more dental implants, offer the full functionality, look and feel of natural teeth.

Revolutionising teeth replacement

This procedure has revolutionised tooth replacement. It consists of applying a dental bridge, which is made up of four titanium implants, into the jaw. The bridge has four protruding screw-shaped posts that support the screw-on teeth plates, which can individually hold twelve teeth. These implants need to be maintained with the same dental hygiene of natural teeth. They provide the full function of natural teeth and support the facial structure allowing you to chew properly and speak confidently. It’s a state-of-the-art procedure practised by our All-on-4 specialist dentist.

All-on-4 dental clinic in Perth is staffed by a professional support team, which includes lab technicians, registered nurses, and patient co-ordinators who support principal dentist Dr Misagh Habibi.

A highly skilled and reputable dental professional Dr Habibi performs all surgical restorations, specialising in the All-on-4 implantology method. He is the sole All-on-4 Clinic associate in Western Australia and a AHPRA-endorsed IV seditionist.

If you’ve shied away from having your teeth replaced due to a dental phobia or anxiety, we can assist you. Just like dental restoration has evolved to be simpler and less invasive, fearing your dentist is a thing of the past. Dr Habibi is a seditionist who will ensure you are completely comfortable throughout the procedure.


The alternate solution to a sinus lift

If you’ve been told you’re not an ideal candidate for implants, are struggling with diseased gums, have missing teeth, or trouble eating and speaking, contact All-on-4 Clinic today. The All-on-4 implant method and zygomatic implants technique negates the need for sinus lifts or bone grafts.

Today, there is no need for the surgical procedure of a sinus lift. You also don’t require bone grafts due to loss of bone from shrinkage or dental disease because All-on-4 and All-on-Four Plus rule out these invasive procedures, and offer the following benefits.:

  • A 98% success rate
  • Restore up to 80% of functionality
  • Offer complete restoration in four days
  • Permanently fixed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Look and feel completely natural

A consultation with our dental specialist will determine the method for replacing your teeth. Speak to our dentists today to discuss the All-on-4 alternative.

A dentist will explain your individual treatment plan, ensuring you are fully informed. The expertise of our skilled dentist will put you at ease with the much simpler and effective, All-on-4 procedure.

Call today to speak to our friendly staff or make a consultation to discuss your options.