Gum Regeneration

Gum grafting procedures for implants.
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Gum Regeneration in brief

Gum regeneration may be required to restore receded gum around your tooth or teeth, around a dental implant, or to prepare for dental implants.

Receding gums (gingival recession) can be a result of previous gum disease, or from overzealous brushing, poorly designed partial dentures and even tooth grinding. Receded or shrunken gum can be unsightly, creating a long tooth look and exposing the roots of teeth to the smile. It can also cause tooth sensitivity, wear and more advanced problems. Some people have a thin “bio-type”, or thin and delicate gum that is very prone to thinning or receding.

 Gum regeneration

When it comes to implants, thin or receded gum can sometimes cause visibility or exposure of an implant, and even bone loss or peri-implantitis, being infection of tissue around an implant. It is often beneficial to have robust and thick, healthy gum tissue around dental implants.

Where indicated, we offer gum grafting or gum regeneration treatment, based on a detailed diagnosis and assessment. Our first step is to bring your overall oral hygiene back to the best possible level, removing any inflammation you may have in your gums. Then we are able in many cases to thicken (augment) thin gum tissue, or to rejuvenate and reposition receded gums.

In our All On 4 / All on 4 Plus methods, full teeth replacement incorporates “aesthetic gum replacement” in the dental implant prosthesis, and gum grafting is generally not required for this procedure. In some cases where there is very thin gum around a dental implant however, we may augment the gingiva to help with implant health and hygiene in the long run.

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 Gum regeneration

Gum Regeneration and Gum Grafting Types

If you have missing gum and , a number of types of gum regeneration can be recommended:

Connective tissue graft: a strip of gum tissue is taken from under the palate, and it is used to graft in an area that did not have enough gum thickness, or as part of a gum repositioning and rejuvenation surgery.
Free gingival graft: a layer of gum (full thickness) is taken from the palate and used to replace missing gum tissue in another area.
Alloderm graft: the gum tissue is provided by donor skin matrix, not from the patient’s own gum tissue; this is very useful when large areas of gum rejuvenation are needed, and provides proven outcomes.
Coronally Repositioned Flap: An area is lifted and brought into a new position with sutures.
Vestibuloplasty: Further gum recession is prevented, relieving muscle attachments on thin or delicate areas.
Leucocyte & Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF): from the patient’s blood, we produce this special substance high in rich factors, fibrin and white blood cells, and use it to close or regenerate gum tissue in another area.

What to expect at All On 4 Clinic Perth

All consultations about treatment options are preceded by a detailed diagnosis and assessment. We will verify your overall gum health, and visualise the suitable treatment options, so you get a full understanding of your journey. If gum regeneration is part of your journey towards a new smile, we will make your procedure as comfortable as possible. At Complete Implant & Sedation Dentistry, the official All On 4 Clinic Perth, we perform all aspects of implant and non-implant grafting, and use IV Sedation dentistry in most cases to ensure patient comfort. Patients who have been scared of the dentist experience often tell us they woke up with little or no memories of their treatment, and a sense of relaxation.

About All On 4 Clinic Perth

All On 4 Clinic Perth is led by Dr Misagh Habibi, who has a particular expertise in fine surgical dental work. To discuss gum regeneration or grafting treatment, or to see if there are alternatives, call to book your appointment at our state-of-the-art clinic in Subiaco.

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Gum grafting procedures for implants



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