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What is the maxillary sinus and what is a sinus lift?

The maxillary sinuses are the air spaces above the back of your upper jaw and teeth, on either side of your nose. Some people are familiar with these sinuses because they suffer from sinusitis or sinus congestion. We all have sinuses of different shapes and sizes. Sometimes the sinuses are too low-lying, or too expanded/large to allow any room for conventional dental implants to be placed in the area, in particular for missing upper back (molar) teeth.

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Some people also suffer from bone loss or jaw bone shrinkage, occurring as a result of missing teeth, simultaneous with expansion of the maxillary sinuses above the shrinking jaw. This typically occurs if missing teeth are not replaced, or if you are using removable dentures as a teeth replacement method.

Sinus lift surgery is also called “maxillary sinus elevation”, is a surgical procedure where a low-lying maxillary sinus floor is raised up to create space (and bone) for dental implants to be inserted. It may be required if you suffer from upper jaw (maxilla) bone shrinkage, or a history of sinus expansion or dental disease in the area. In effect, the sinus membrane (or Schneiderian membrane, the thin skin at the base of the sinus) is gently raised, and a bone filler or spacer material is placed below it, allowing the sinus to resume its original function, just in a slightly different shape.

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Sinus lift expertise, with or without implant placement

Sinus lift procedures are performed to add bone mass to your upper jaw (in the area of your molars and premolars). A sinus lift is an extremely delicate procedure, and our experienced team uses piezosurgery and ultrasonic bone surgery, combined with a range of other surgery techniques. Sinus lift procedures are carried out safely, with precision, and minimal discomfort. Sinus lifts are a predictable way of creating a bony foundation for implants in the upper jaw, but often require 6-12 months of maturation before implants are placed, depending on the size of the lifted/grafted area. The benefit of sinus lifts as a bone graft option, is that no change takes place inside the mouth, and chewing/denture wear can resume very soon without interfering with the result, whilst we wait for the grafts to mature and harden.

When there is enough bone to support part, but not all, of a dental implant, we can often place a dental implant and perform a sinus lift at the same time, preventing the need for a future implant placement procedure. When there is next to no bone left in the upper jaw, then a stand-alone sinus lift procedure may first be needed.

The use of IV Sedation dentistry at our clinic means that, as a patient, you will feel as if you come out of a relaxing sleep, without memory of the actual procedure.

Alternative to sinus lift

For suitable patients, zygomatic implants can often be an option when there is lack bone in the upper jaw, or large sinuses, that don’t allow for conventional implants. Embedding into the base of the zygoma (cheek bone), zygomatic implants can allow implant teeth attachment without relying on bone or bone grafting or sinus elevation in the upper jaw.

Why choose All On 4 Clinic Perth?

Dr Misagh Habibi, who performs all complex dental procedures at Perth’s official All On 4 Clinic, has a particular interest in implantology and dento-alveolar surgery including sinus lift or sinus elevation procedures. Focusing on patient comfort, his team has safely applied sleep dentistry for thousands of hours of treatments. At All On 4 Clinic Perth, you will be in good hands for your sinus lift and for your entire journey towards optimal oral health and a new smile. Contact our friendly receptionist team to discuss any questions you may have or to book an appointment.

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